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My story

I'm Linde, a Dutch watercolor painter born on a colorful, Autumn Sunday. The first thing we have in common is that we've both been a child :) As for me, I was the dreamy, sensitive kid that loved to draw and paint. A lot of people know me as a very bright-smiled, bubbly person, which is true :D. However, during adolescence I have experienced times of darkness as well, as I struggled with anxiety and depression. As a deep feeler and (over)thinker in such a hectic world, I've often felt incredibly sad, overwhelmed or just empty. I regularly found myself 'trapped' in a downwards spiral which made it hard for me to see and appreciate the beauty and joys of life sometimes.

Unfortunately, this is the story of many others as well...

My passion

Luckily with a lot of time, effort and therapy, my view on life started to get better. In the summer of 2018, I reconciled with some good old friends from my childhood: my pencils and brushes. With that, I unintentionally discovered the perfect outlet for my deepest thoughts and feelings. :) Because creating and admiring art allows me to disrupt the spiral and redirect my energy in much more positive and constructive ways.

So here we are; nowadays I passionately create and share art as reminders. To surround and remind all of us with reasons to enjoy life. To take life less seriously and stay playful ;) and most of all to find happiness and beauty in the little everyday things.

My mission

Sadly, it is no surprise that more and more people feel lonely, disconnected, on auto-pilot or are just not as joyful as they would like to be. Since I've been so well-acquainted with melancholy, I know how much of a difference it makes to come across even the smallest thing that fills you up with sparks of joy and feelings of warmth in your daily life.

As an artist, I get to create, explore, and surround myself and others with art that evokes emotions. I especially enjoy the ones that remind us all of the good things in life to invoke happiness. Therefore I see it as my mission to inspire people from their homes and to lift their spirit, each and every day.

My style

As the name AQUARELLINDE reveals, the painting medium I work with is watercolor (‘aquarel’ in Dutch). There is a true challenge in its changeable nature as the water flows and moves unlike any other type of paint. For this reason, watercolor is recognized by artists worldwide as the most difficult painting medium, as there is no room for error: when the paint touches the paper, it is virtually impossible to remove or mask it. Every painting is so exciting to me because in essence, I am playing with water and colors simultaneously. It often reminds me of dancing; you can remember the steps, but the most enjoyable and beautiful experiences are the ones where you completely let go of any expectations and – in this case – literally ‘go with the flow’ of the water.

As I mostly painted portraits in the past, the majority of my paintings are fundamentally realistic with a touch of Impressionism. Most of the time, I incorporate a technique that is characteristic to the Baroque era: chiaroscuro. By using strong contrasts between dark and light, paintings become more dramatic, personal and interesting to look at. I have always loved to work with powerful colors, loose brushstrokes and dreamy, airy backgrounds to capture dreamlike visuals. Ever since I laid my eyes on paintings, I’ve always been the most captivated by Expressionistic and Romanticism art. Now that I’m painting themes that deviate from portraits, I can experiment and explore further :)

Let me paint a smile on your face...

By surrounding yourself with daily reminders of happiness :)

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