Thank you for being interested in the face behind AQUARELLINDE :)

Feel free to read my story below...
My story

I'm Linde, a Dutch watercolor painter born on a colorful, Autumn Sunday. Ever since I was a child, I was a very dreamy, sensitive kid that loved to draw and paint. During this time, my parents also started a small greeting card company with hand-painted designs. I remember my parents talking business while I was drawing at the same kitchen table almost daily ;)

My passion

After I got my degree in Marketing Management (MSc), I decided to paint fulltime for a while. However, my mom broke her back, which was very unfortunate. I decided to help my parents instead and started getting more involved in the company.

Nowadays I passionately create and share art to truly connect with others and as reminders. To surround and remind all of us with reasons to enjoy life. To find happiness and beauty in the little everyday things.

My mission

Sadly, it is no surprise that more and more people feel lonely, disconnected, on auto-pilot or are just not as joyful as they would like to be. Since we've all been through moments of self-isolation (especially during the pandemic), we know how much of a difference it makes to come across even the smallest thing that fills you up with sparks of joy and feelings of warmth in your daily life.

As an artist, I get to create, explore, and surround myself and others with art that evokes emotions. I especially enjoy the ones that connect us with each other and remind us all of the good things in life to invoke happiness. Therefore I see it as my mission to inspire people from their homes and to lift their spirit, each and every day with my paintings and greeting cards.

Let me paint a smile on your face...

By surrounding yourself with daily reminders of happiness :)

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